Friday, March 5, 2010

Reflated!! (or whatever...)

yeah, i had a great doctor appointment. there's so much good news i'm not sure where to start. i don't want to recount my entire appointment, but i don't want to leave anything out either.

good news:
doc spoke to peri (specialist) and discussed delivery date and vbac options. peri was very clear that she doesn't recommend a vbac for me which, of course, i was fully aware of. my doc also wanted to know why she recommends such an early delivery. peri said she's personally never had a problem with lung development by that time with twins--which is, i think, what my doc was most concerned with for obvious reasons--and that's just when she delivers them. doc told me she's willing to let me deliver at 37 weeks if that's what i want, BUT she sees no reason to force me to have a c-section as long as baby A is in correct position for delivery. the assumption is that while there's a 1% risk with a singleton of uterine rupture, it could be higher with twins because there's more pressure on the scar. however, since there are no studies to suggest that that is the case, my doc is willing to still let me try.

oh, and she said i'm at about a 1. not great, but since sunday i was pretty much a zero, i'll take it.

better news: went in to check out the babies on the ultrasound machine. both babies are head down!! yay! i told the doctor that i'd been putting ear phones down there on my belly playing classical music. she thought this was funny and said "i wonder if that helped?" i said "i dunno, but i read it online and figured it was an easy enough thing to try."

she also wanted to be sure i understood that i have the right to refuse a c-section and they can't make me or it's assault. i knew this, but it's nice to hear that my doc is on my side, fighting for me and helping me fight for myself. in fact, she made sure i have a copy of the consent form i had to sign acknowledging the risks of vbac, but saying i want one anyway so the hospital can't say they "lost it", just in case.

best news: she is so personally invested that she gave me her OWN phone #. she said "i don't give it out to very many people." well, yeah! but she wanted me to know that if i have a doc that is being pushy, trying to make me section or one who i am uncomfortable with i can call her personally and she will come in for me, esp. if it's a night or a weekend. seriously, how much awesomeness is that??

you cannot deny the awesomeness of my OB after all that.
it is sooo nice to know that my doctor is 110% behind me and truly has my interests at heart. who wouldn't want a doctor like that? she even said "i'm excited!" and you know what? that makes me excited.


FrankandAsh said...

wow that's really amazing! Someone really must be listening to your prayers:) Good luck!

Jen said...

That's great!! I really hope it all works out for you! Trust your gut. It does sound like you have an awesome doctor. I'm bummed that I'm doomed to c-sections for the rest of my babies but at least it's not the curse of everyone in the family! Good luck! Keep us updated!

Mel McDonald said...

Hooray hooray hooray! Can't wait to get there!