Friday, July 13, 2012

the winds are blowing again

the winds of change that is. i feel like i just did this . . . big changes, i mean. but here we go again. i guess the winds of change are pretty much always blowing, but sometimes it's a gentle breeze and sometimes it's a gale. a forever-life-altering kind.

my sister and best friend has decided to make some positive changes in her life. and i can't tell you how grateful i am. i've (and so many others) missed her terribly in the last several years. i've thought about her frequently and wished there was something i could do to help.

and now i can. she's decided to get out of the valley . . . can't say that i blame her there. and she's coming here to live with us and start over. soon. like next week soon.

paul and i both feel really good about this decision, and though it's going to take some sacrifices and adjustments for everyone involved, i feel everyone can come out better on the other side. i find myself vacillating between apprehension and concern about this new unknown and my ability to handle the situation properly and excitement and joy about the possibilities that await and the desire to re-kindle an amazing friendship.

so, wish us luck, or better yet, if you're the praying kind, toss out a thought or two for everyone involved because we can definitely use some divine guidance in this venture. i know that's what's gotten us to this point.