Tuesday, May 29, 2012


i think i figured out what's been causing my shinsplints. and the good news is, it's actually because of something i did right

how, you ask, can you get shinsplints from doing something right? well, i'll tell you.

i was talking about my frustrating shinsplints with a friend, and we were talking through the possibilities trying to figure out what could be causing them when she mentioned weight gain/loss. sometimes gaining or losing a lot can throw your body off as it readjusts to the weight distribution. and as i thought back, it seemed the problem and the weight loss seemed to coincide, if i'm remembering my time lines accurately.

and then i thought, "but i've only lost about 12 pounds." then i did the math. even at 12 pounds of weight loss, starting out at 165 means i'd lost about 7% of my total body weight. i suppose that's probably significant, especially since the first 8 came off in just a few weeks. 

so, i cut back on my runs and haven't had any problem. i think i was already starting to adjust before since my weight loss stagnated a little for a couple weeks, and i'm losing more slowly now. but, anyhoo, it's nice to have an answer! and i have to say, it's even kind of cool knowing i've lost enough weight to affect my body that much. i'm about halfway to where i want to be now, and still losing. i'm optimistic. 

memorial day fun

we haven't had much time or money to go explore since we've been here, but yesterday we finally drove up highway 62 towards crater lake, though we didn't go all the way there because we didn't want to pay to go into the park. it's a beautiful drive, and it follows the river almost the whole way up. we stopped and let the kids out for awhile. there were several people fishing. then went a little further up to lost creek lake. it is a HUGE lake, and there were lots of people out there, but it still didn't feel crowded. we didn't really spend much time at the lake though, but took a nice little walk through the trees between the lake and the lost creek campground. we weren't really equipped to play in the lake unfortunately because we woke up to all clouds and didn't know if it was going to warm up or not. hopefully, we'll get to spend some time there later this summer.

rogue river

super clear water

we brought the stroller...and ended up pushing it empty.

he was faking being sad

alexa's off ahead, like the was almost the whole time.