Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Camping 2010

So, the annual West Family Campout was last weekend (or rather Labor Day Weekend, which was the weekend before last I guess technically). It was a lot of fun, though I'll be honest, camping with 3 kids 2 years old and under (2 still nursing) was not exactly my idea of an ideall camping trip, and it's definitely not on my to do list anytime soon. Fortunately though everyone loves my kids so I didn't have to hold them ALL the time, though I couldn't let them roll around on the floor since, well, eew.

It was pretty uneventful as far as camping goes, but Rachel came with us which was great. I always love spending time with her, and all the West family members made it except Shawn, which is to be expected with his busy flying schedule. We did get to see him just last Friday night though as he was in town, which was nice.

My kids got filthy, but seemed to love just about every minute of it. Nights were rough for pretty much everyone. As in true camping tradition, I didn't sleep almost at all the first night. The other two were better than that, but for such a large tent we were oddly cramped between children. :)

Alexa loved the dirt and the marshmallows. She was truly disgusting for most of the trip, but at least her hair was cute, haha. I'm just glad it was out of her face or it would've been SOO gross!

Cousin Kimber really loved her little cousins.

Alexa loves dolls or barbies or anything that can be called "baby"

Uncle John took the kids rock climbing.
Keith was fine at first...

 then he looked down...

then he froze. But daddy and a cousin came to his rescue. I think he still enjoyed himself and isn't scarred for life, but we shall see. :)