Thursday, October 25, 2012

how did THAT happen?

today i went to volleyball, like i always do on thursday mornings. when i got back, i hopped on fb. i'd gotten a wall post that said: 

"I have a package for you. Apparently the post office can't tell the diff between Christina West & Christine!!"

when i read the first sentence, i thought "oh, looks like she's been hacked." then i kept reading, and my confusion grew. 

you see, christine wood is in my ward, but not my neighbor. in fact, she lives about a mile away. on a street called white oak. i live on siskiyou. not at all similar. her address: 300. mine: 2595. also not at all similar. sure, her first name is christine, and her last name starts with a w. and has four letters, but i was always under the impression that they processed mail by first looking at the state, then city, then street, then house number,  then possibly name. but let's face it, even if everything else matches except the name they still deliver it to the address on the envelope/package. heck, mail doesn't really even have to have a name for them to deliver.

so, how, on earth, did my package wind up a mile away from my house at someone's house i just happen to know?

and the weirdest part: in the box was the garments i had ordered from slc for myself and paul! i assume that if it had ended up at maybe chrissy's neighbors' house they would've looked at the address said "wth?" and circled the address on it before stuffing it back in their mailbox to give the inept USPS another chance to get it to the right house. 

but maybe not. and that could've been awkward. plus, then i would've been annoyed that my stuff never showed up.

i'm not sure where the breakdown in that whole thing happened, but i don't think it was mere "coincidence" that it ended up at a ward member's house. even if said ward member does live a mile away.

'course, next time it would be nice if they could just get it to my house the first time. :) and i did get kind of a kick out of it, even if it was really bizarre.