Friday, August 20, 2010

First Day of Preschool

 Unfortunately, these won't get any better as they are phone shots. I didn't get a chance to get a picture with a good camera. These at least are something I guess.

Day one went pretty well, but then, they ask all the parents to stay for the whole first day to have a Q&A session and help the child transition. Our biggest problem seem to come when he saw the school. He was excited for school, except that last year we did an informal preschool with church people and I'm pretty sure he was under the impression we were doing that, so when he didn't see a familiar friend's house he started to cry. But, it didn't last too long and I assured him he would make lots of friends and enjoy school here.

Day two was iffy. As he has to be signed in and out every day I had to unload all 4 kids (and will every day. joy.) to go into his classroom to sign him in. I made as quick an exit as possible, even while I recognized that many parents were hanging out for awhile yet. He was sad to see me go, and almost cried but when I told him I was coming back in a little while he was okay, though I could tell he was still sad.

As we left and I grabbed the babies and Alexa she said "Where Keith?" and I explained to her that he was staying. She said "okay." I think she did okay. I'm really looking forward to this one-less-kid thing every day for awhile.

To make life easier on my I walked to school to pick him up and as we were walking him I asked him about his day. I asked if he cried and he proudly said "Nope. Other kids did, but I didn't." He said he had fun and was excited to go back Monday. HUGE sigh of relief! I figured he would be, but you just never know sometimes.

First night in the big bed...

I decided to start the transition to big bed for Alexa since I'm pretty sure I'm going to be needing that crib very soon as the twins like to kick each other and roll on top of the other.

I took the front off and put her to bed. Paul called me later to look at her and this is what I found. So cute.