Friday, February 17, 2012

running again

it's been almost two weeks since i've run. feels like it's been at least a month. i got new shoes. they're not as good at my old shoes sadly, but i don't have the money to just buy new ones so i will suck it up and deal with it unless they result in injury. i felt like i was going sooo slow, and i ran for less time. between the crap i've eaten in the last three weeks (okay, more like four probably) and the two weeks off (and sporadic running before that) and the new elevation and hills, i figured i'd build back up a bit. it was good to run again. i checked my run though and i guess i actually kept normal pace. wonder why i felt so sluggish? anyhoo, i'm excited to get back into a schedule. run MWFS and b-ball/v-ball on the 'T' days. 
All these fit active people are great motivation!

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