Wednesday, June 12, 2013


well, we made it. and in so many ways, it was actually my easiest, and by far my favorite move yet. because melissa and nate did so much work while they were visiting, i easily completed the rest of the cleaning by myself, minus floors and the refrigerator. seriously, those two were rock stars, and because of them, i actually felt really on top of it by the end. i wasn't stressed out at all and i was itching to get out of there!

carolyn and frank got in thursday evening to help with the move, and let me tell you, it was so nice to have them there! poor paul took the greyhound from reno to medford through the night thursday night. i went and picked him up in the morning. sarah also came to see us before we left and spent the day with us friday. i'm missing her already!

actually, i was so on top of it that instead of spending the day moving things around and packing, the three of us women went to costco to get some stuff, and then carolyn couldn't help but stop at the sportman's warehouse and get some ammo and a few other fun things. then we went to lunch.

by the evening, we had a rather large crew of guys come help us load up the truck, which they did rather quickly, and by 8:00 or so we had pretty much done everything we could for the evening. we left mattresses on the floor and got some sleep. well, most of us did anyway. i might have stayed up chatting with someone far later than i meant to. :)

saturday was pretty easy, we just took a couple hours to get everything finished loading up and vacuuming, sweeping, etc. then we hit sportsman's warehouse once more (yep, more ammo), and headed on our way. it was an easy, enjoyable drive. at least for me it was.  i only had alexa, paul had the twins, and frank, who drove our suburban, had keith.

carolyn and frank had spotted a VW cemetery (yes, cars) on the way up and wanted to stop and get a few pictures on the way back down, so we did. we also found a pair of fire trucks for sale. 

paul was ahead of us, so by the time we got here they were already in the midst of unloading the truck. we had so much family here! it was so fun having my house so full of people that i love. david and christy and kids drove up from fresno just to be here to help, and they so did! lisa and jon and kids, of course, were here, and arlin and diana were also here getting ready to leave on a road trip with the stamps family. so with all those people, plus us and carolyn and frank, it was quite a full house! but this house is actually big enough to handle all those people. i rather enjoyed myself actually.

now, i'm finally getting my house put together, and i will put up pictures once i've got it done. i really like the house though! i think i like it more than any other place we've ever been. and there's so much space, i don't know what to do with it all! it's wonderful!

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Rebecca Susan said...

Woohoo!! Who doesn't need a fire truck handy? Think of all the cool stuffs you could do! ;)