Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paul's 30th Birthday

I just realized, looking through my archives that I failed to write about a big event. Paul turned 30 this year! (well, last year now, I guess) For those of you who don't know, his birthday is December 24th. . .that's right, Christmas Eve, and before you ask, YES is sucks! I threw him a surprise party, which wasn't supposed to be a surprise. I really wanted to take him to do something fun for just him for his big birthday, but we just didn't have the money so I decided a party with friends and family was probably the next best thing (and the only thing we could afford).

In the beginning I wasn't trying to hide it from him, but as it got closer and he still hadn't really figured out what was going on I figured there was no reason to spoil the surprise before necessary. I thought there was no way he couldn't know about it. There were all these odd things that didn't add up. For instance,
  • I went all the way to Lindsay to make a slide show for his birthday at Becky's house because they have iMovie on their computer so I knew I could do it over there. I know he thought it was odd that I drove to Lindsay because I haven't done that since we moved out here, but I guess not that odd cause he didn't ask too many questions.
  • He helped Daniel Netzley move the Saturday morning of the party and I guess I didn't tell everyone it was a surprise. . .I suppose because originally it wasn't going to be, so the last thing he said to Paul before he left was "see you later today". Which, Paul thought was odd, but I guess not odd enough.
  • Carolyn showed up before I got Paul out of the house, which wasn't a big deal because I had already told him that she wanted to do something that day since we hadn't all seen each other for awhile. She, of course, brought the boys with her and before Paul left for the grocery store (that's how I got him out. . .we were desperate for groceries) they were talking about food for us all and Frank said "it's your party." lol Yeah, he didn't even HEAR that one. . .or so he says. He responded to Frank, but, alas, he does the same thing to me ALL the time, so I believe him when he says he didn't hear him even though he responded
Anywho, there were a couple other things too, like one-sided phone conversations with people that weren't very obscure. . .or so I thought, and odd visits from his parents (to bring me pictures for his slide show. He wasn't home, but he heard about it). Oh, I love my sweet, oblivious husband.

The party was fun and there were a LOT of people. I don't think any more people would've fit in my house, but I think everyone had a good time. We ended up spending the whole time watching the stupid BYU bowl game (do I sound annoyed?) but whatever. It was his party and that's what he wanted to do. It turned out quite fun. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but trust me when I say, it was a good night!

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