Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We've been quite busy since we've been here. On previous visits, we've done a lot of sitting around, but this time we've been out and about or at least busy while we're at at home. Monday we went to Liss and Nate's and Liss and I got to go out shopping while the guys watched the kiddos. I finished my Christmas shopping (yay) and Lissa almost finished. Then, we came back and gave the guys a chance to go out shopping for us while we went wrapping crazy. It was a very productive day and I only have a few more things to wrap for each kid.

Then, last night we drove out to Herriman (all of us and Jen and the boys met us there) to visit long time friends, the Carrillo family. We made subs and hung around and talked and laughed and told stories. It was great! We've been very blessed with good friends and I'm grateful.

Today, Paul and I visited Beehive clothing, which was an absolute must, then we headed over to the conference center where we met up with Liss and Nate to watch an organ recital. Wow, super cool. What an awesome sound that comes out of that huge organ. We then all went to IKEA, then a fabric store, then a grocery store. Let's just say it was a long day on my feet. I'm sure the walking has been good for me.

I'm very excited for Paul's birthday, and even more excited for Christmas! We're almost there! Things are going well here. It snowed all day today, and I am very grateful we brought the suburban and that it has 4-wheel drive.

Hooray for the holidays. Looking forward to New Years too, though we don't have plans yet.

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