Thursday, June 4, 2009


i had such a super awesome birthday! in the 5 years since paul and i got married, this one wins hands down. i kept trying to explain to paul it wasn't about the gift, or any gift for that matter, it was about the sincere thought and effort. he scored big this year.

i woke up at 6:45 (why so early??) and the kids and paul were gone. he had left a note on alexa's door saying he had them, not to worry, and he'd be back soon...or something like that. he returned kid-free. that was fantastic. he bought me a new pair of reefs, which i was desperately needing and made me breakfast. then we spent a childless morning spending time with each other like we haven't gotten to do for a very long time. it was fantastic. we saw a movie (which we didn't pay for because we had tickets from christmas) and then had lunch.

all of that, alone would have been enough to keep me happy for a very long time, but the birthday fun continued on saturday when we drove to lindsay. becky was sweet enough to watch our kids while we played at mcdermont all day, which was also didn't pay for because she had a ton of money stored up on her card. we played laser tag, pool, air hockey, virtual bowling, some hoops arcarde games and climbed the huge rock wall (which was by far my favorite part!).

but wait, there's more! (haha) then we drove to tulare where mom took the kids and we went to encore theatre's production of fiddler on the roof jr. where j.d. casey played tevye (who was awesome, by the way!). it was the best birthday weekend ever.

thank you to everyone who watched my kids, it wouldn't've been possible without ya'll!


Becky said...

that's the best birthday celebration weekend i've heard about in a long time. happy for you. bb

Kfrogdiva said...

That sounds great! Husbands can really come through sometimes :) Happy Belated B-day!