Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun in the Rain

Alexa was trying to grab the camera.
This one's just funny
He was loving running through the rain.

Taking a sip of water.

Look at me!

This one's my favorite cause her eyes look so pretty.
Yeah, Paul just took her outside without anything on. I had Keith go in and keep the sweatshirt, but didn't know where any pants where. We kept her all covered though.

She's got that windblown look.
He kept trying to get close to her.
She wanted none of that!
I think she looks like me in this one.
Paul finally grabbed them all to try to
get them both in a picture.

1 comment:

FrankandAsh said...

so cute! Alexa looks just like you! I can't wait to meet them when you guys come!