Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to me and my honey (yesterday)! I meant to get this post up yesterday, but we ended up being gone for most of the day. I remember lying in bed in our first apartment at night not wanting to go to sleep because when I fell asleep it meant Paul would be gone, already having left for work when I woke, I would leave for school and I wouldn't get see him again until afternoon, and then only briefly before he went off to school. I layed there on several nights thinking, "this is just a newlywed thing. It will wear off in awhile and I can enjoy bedtime again."

After six years of marriage I'm dismayed and elated to say it hasn't. I still lay there at night wanting to prolong the day, every day, because I know when I wake up in the morning he will be gone. I'm sure I've never told him this, but this is why I sometimes act resentful that he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, while I struggle to find peaceful rest because it's just not as quick coming for me. I lay there torn between wanting to be with him and wanting him to get the rest he so desperately needs being such a hard worker.

Every night (that he can) he says "I'm going to sleep in tomorrow!" and I get prepped to get the kids quickly before they can wake him because he deserves it, and it's definitely my turn, and then, more often than not, I wake up in the morning alone, and I hear the kids out in the family room with him. He gets them before I even hear them usually. He dozes on the couch, while trying to keep them out of our room so I can rest. I ask him why he took the kids; then he says things like "it's good that you're healing" or "you're making two kids!" How do you not love that?

So, sweetie, I just want to say, I LOVE YOU! I'm so happy it's been 6 years and look forward with great anticipation to the next 6. You're amazing and treat me so well. I didn't just get lucky, I got REALLY lucky!

The first summer after we got married.

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