Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it's the little things

about a month ago (or thereabouts) someone--i'm not sure who--busted our laptop LCD screen. they shattered the spot that, i suspect, they stepped on and it spidered out from there. at first it was hardly noticeable so i ignored it. then the black started seeping in (the liquid crystals started seeping out?). it took awhile before it was really bad. when i looked around to buy a new one they ran about $100. so i put it off. then it got too bad to ignore anymore, and i bit the bullet and shelled out $102 to get a new screen.

it came in the mail quickly, and i went to install it. but there was a problem with it. the connecting cord was too short. ugh. 

the company i purchased the screen from said they would have to recall it, as it obviously wasn't the right part for my computer model. so i started another search, this time armed with the exact model number of the screen instead of just the computer.

long story short, instead of paying over $100, i ended up getting what i needed for only $45--less than half, which was far below any others i found, even with the right part number. 

even though it took longer, and i had to deal with the pain of having to send the first one back, i still ended up way ahead.

it's moments like this that i'm certain my heavenly father is looking out for me. the big miracles are cool, but the small miracles are how i know he's always watching out for me and he truly cares. because a new computer screen is such a little thing. but to me, right now, $60 is a lot of money. 

i'm so grateful to know my heavenly father is taking care of me.

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