Monday, April 29, 2013

getting anxious

there's a lot to do in the house.

a lot.

pack things, sell things, give things away, take things off walls, scrub everything in sight, find and reserve a moving truck, find somewhere to live, visit with friends and family, and of course, do all my regular stuff.

does that sound like a lot?

hmm, guess i should be doing something and not blogging.

but, here i am anyway.  i like to record the goings-on in my life.  i like to look back and read things that i'd completely forgotten, things that don't even sound familiar.  plus, i think i remember some things better just because i wrote them down.

so, i've got six weeks to go.  i know once i hit four it will be all downhill from there. but still, even at six i know it's going to go quickly.  

but i'm ready.

mentally at least.  physically, well it's a work in progress. 

paul and i were talking about me coming to reno to visit, see him without him having to make the drive and possibly house hunting.  and as we talked about the weekends coming up, i realized suddenly that somehow every weekend between now and when it's time to go has gotten filled.  an i'm not sure how that happened.

paul comes home this weekend, which is great 'cause it's been almost 3 weeks and keith's 7th birthday is wednesday.  next sunday is mother's day. yeah, for real.  the sunday after that, melissa and nate are coming to visit, YAY!  they will stay for the whole week, so they'll be here through the following weekend of memorial day, which paul may or may not come home for.  the weekend after that, the 1st and 2nd, well that's the weekend before we move and i'm thinking i should probably be here to be getting things done.  hard to say how much will still be left to do at that point. most likely, plenty to keep me busy.

so, here we are, on the countdown.  i'm super excited, and ready to get out of here.  and i've got some summer plans brewing (sans kids!), which gives me something to look forward to.  i'm ready for the next adventure.  this will be state number four we've lived in since 2007  i would've never believed that i would've lived in 4 different states before i was 30.  pretty cool.

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Rebecca Susan said...

You're hosting guests--including two more kids/toddlers--for an entire week during your packing, just a few weeks before moving? You are a much nicer person than me. I mean, I guess during the most hectic/time-consuming part of my packing between Mission and Anaconda, I had 2-3 extra kids every day, but I was sending 4-5 boxes back with Doug every week, and all the kids could run wild on mom and dad's 5 acres while I worked, so different kind of packing than what you're doing now. Good luck.

Sounds like you're doing well. It'll be nice to have moving in the rear view, though. I hate moving.