Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"i think i can..."

well, week one of single-parenthood went well.  but i also had the weekend to look forward to an knew i only had to make it through five days really.  paul came home and we had a nice weekend.  he spent some time with the kids who were stuck like glue to him for the first day.  but then, sunday came and he had to leave to go back to reno.  and the kids took it like little troopers. seems they're getting used to it.  it probably helped that we had just done a week-plus without him in california.

but now, here we are about halfway through week two and it feels like it's all coming down.  sigh.  i love my kids, but man, are they a handful!  several, in fact.  it doesn't help that they're all so close in age and only one can really do everything for himself.  i'm going to make it, i am, but i swear, by the time june 8th rolls around it will probably be just about all anyone can do to keep me here long enough to help load the truck.  it's finally hitting me just how much stuff has to be packed or junked. 

which is the other thing.  the best part about moving, for me, is the purging.  the throwing things away.  getting to the things you keep saying "at some point we'll get rid of that."  and while it's great to be doing it, it sure draws the packing process out because you can't just throw everything you see in a box.  at least, i can't.  if i'm going to go through the energy of packing it up and making sure there's space for it in my new place, i want to make sure i actually want to keep it.  and there's so much stuff i don't want to keep!  so much.

anyhoo, on a different note, for some reason i keep expecting it to warm up, and mother nature doesn't seem to be getting the memo.  monday it started to rain, which is typical weather, but then i started to hail. it was decent sized hail too.  so, i took a picture, because you know, it was kind of fun.

so then i sent the picture to my friend carolyn and she responded, "the calendar says spring. does medford weather know that?"

and i kid you not, less than 30 seconds after she texted that, it got worse. a lot worse. pea-sized and quite fast. it covered the road in just a couple minutes.

don't worry, i wasn't out there very long, plus i was at the end of a killer workout, so i was pretty toasty.  but you can see how big it was.

anyhoo, it's not much better in reno.  paul said it snowed there the day it hailed here. so i'm going to colder and hotter. what a win, hahaha.  

well, wish me luck and maybe throw up a prayer or two that i and all my kids make it out of these next 7+ weeks alive, haha.


Rebecca Susan said...

Ugh. I feel your pain. I did that for 4.5 months last year. At least Doug was home on the weekends (not that he was much help-ha!- but at least he was there), but the last two months I also usually had 3-5 extra kids on any given day and most of the nights, while trying to get things packed. Hang in there--we're praying for you.

Chelsey Hymas said...

All I can say is try to survive! We are FINALLY not doing the long distance for work thing for the first time in almost 2 years. I packed/moved every thing pretty much solo with my 3. It is HARD. And It SUCKS. I promise you will find ways it helped you grow, things you have learned because of it, and ways your marriage grew stronger. Probably after the fact (which doesnt help much now I know)...but You will look back on it and think "wow I made it, and learned so much from it." It will make you SO much more grateful for when you are together again, and when you have help from Paul again. Hang in there...and accept help from those who offer!! You need it!