Monday, April 1, 2013

grand adventure pictures

freddy and baz figured out they could crawl through the doggy door.

the door looked so big i had to test it out to see if i would fit. who needs keys?

 one of my very favorite people in the whole world.

alexa and keith with uncle frank

 gio's not shy at all. only 3 months younger than my boys, i would take him and make him a triplet any day!

brunch on the deck. beautiful day.
 natalie, carolyn and me

 sittin' in the freight container opening with my kids and a couple adopted's.

baz, freddy and gio
baz brushing lewis

hanging out in the barn, 'cause you know that's where all the cool kids hang.


Cecily R said...

Love the pictures. You in the doggie door? My fav. :)

Rebecca Susan said...

You look fantastic! And happy :)