Friday, May 23, 2008

Lots and lots of pictures!

I thought I'd share some photos with you just for fun:

These are from Keith's birthday, a few weeks ago, but they're fun so I thought I'd share.

Having fun at the park in town. He LOVED playing in the water. The fact that it was 50* didn't seem to bother him at ALL! And after my feet stopped hurting, it didn't bother me either, lol.

Okay, this is what the river looks like now. Usually the water's on the OTHER side of those trees right there. We went to the park Saturday and I was standing in that spot. On Monday, we came back and it was all underwater by several feet. Crazy huh! I couldn't even take Keith back down to the spot where we were playing in the water at. There is NO MORE bank beach right now. Just the grass bank that you can see right there, then a few feet drop off.

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Rebecca Susan said...

He's so cute!! I love his hair cut! Gotta love spring runoff! Crazy rivers, creeks that look like rivers. I miss the north country!