Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Christmas Traditions (and a TON of pictures!)

Paul and I decided to take Keith to Cobb Ranch yesterday to pick out a tree. What he failed to mention was that Cobb Ranch had lots of other fun stuff to do. Like a ride on an (OLD) fire truck, and a little animal zoo and the possibility of cutting down your own tree (though we weren't really in for that). If he HAD told me that I would've said "we better get some money out of the ATM then to have cash on hand" cause we don't usually carry cash. So, we got there and Keith wanted to ride the fire truck. . .which cost money. . .which we didn't have. . .let's just say it was a rocky start to the fun afternoon. Anywho, it turned out all right in the end and we had quite a good time. And by the end it was actually quite chilly; my hands were even really cold!

Paul says he was trying to get Keith's attention here but he was "pouting"; Paul doesn't know why.

Trying to pet the little goat.

Paul says he was petting the cow. . .nice huh.

And you may ask why I say "Paul says" on these. Where was I, you ask? Well, waiting in line for the fire truck ride of course! Keith REALLY enjoyed that!

Yes, Alexa is under those blankets in a baby carrier sleeping quite peacefully.

I wish this one weren't blurry. It's so cute.
Trying to find the best tree

Don't ask about the face. . .I don't know.

He was quite tired by the time we left. It was cold and we were there for a couple hours, and he hadn't had a nap.

It was quite a fun day and we've decided to make a family tradition. If I'd realized they had so much to do there I would've insisted we visit their pumpkin patch. Oh well, maybe next year!


Rebecca Susan said...

Totally love that picture of you with both the kids. . . so adorable. And I like Keith's hat! Very cool:)

Jen said...

Fun!! I love creating new family traditions! Though for Christmas it has been somewhat tough since we're only here every other year so far....still, it's fun!